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Print signs up to 7" tall!
DuraLabel 7000

Assure your HazMat communication is truly effective with the DuraLabel 7000 Printer.

Print recognizable signs and labels so workers see and understand them from a distance.

The DuraLabel 7000 advantages:

• Prints signs & labels up to 7" tall
• Prints "application-specific" supplies
• Prints OSHA-compliant signs & labels
• The widest supply-selection available
• Industrial-grade supplies
• Superior customer-support
• Fast supply shipping
• Pays for itself through supply durability
• "Barcode-quality" 300 dpi
• Thermal Transfer Printing (TTP)
• High-volume "batch-print" capable
• Bundled with label-making software
• Custom color options
• Industrial grade tapes and labels
• Print labels 4" small


If you don't see the supply you need, call us at 1-888-326-9244 and tell us about your labeling application. It's likely we can find the right labeling supply to meet your demands.

  — Do HazMat right! ————————

If you take facility safety seriously, you want your HazMat signs to visually communicate with maximum efficiency. The new DuraLabel 7000 prints bigger and bolder HazMat signs so workers see hazards and stay safe.

The DuraLabel 7000 is one of the few industrial label printers that prints signs up to 7" tall in a single-pass. This means shorter print times and more sign space to design eye-catching colors, larger pictograms and bolder font sizes.

Bigger and bolder signs not only attract more attention, they are easier to see and read from greater distances. This improved communication helps reduce injury.

   Custom signs are accurate ———

Having an "in-house" HazMat and HazCom printer is a huge benefit. With the DuraLabel 7000 you can include all the custom information your signs deserve so hazard comprehension is sooner.

DuraLabel also offers many OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, RTK and ASHE compliant signs, in bigger and bolder sizes and all designed for use in the DuraLabel 7000.

   Industrial workplace durability

For added durability, the DuraLabel 7000 is equipped with a thermal-transfer print (TTP) head to give signs a professional look and eliminate fading and smudges.

The DuraLabel 7000 features more "application-specific" sign supplies than any other industrial label printer of its size and class.

Popular industrial-grade supplies:

          • NFPA Diamond Signs (die-cut)
          • RTK Color-Bar Signs (die-cut)
          • Continuous Vinyl Tape
          • Marine Label Tape
          • Oily Surface Tape
          • and many more OSHA compliant supplies!

Choose from a growing list of over 20 HazMat and HazCom supplies for the DuraLabel 7000.

For more information, call us at 1-888-326-9244.Graphic Products

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